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Your web editor was visiting his son in Canada this year, the first time I have missed Loch Insh since 1988. Many thanks to Bill Terry for once again captaining the rescue boat along with his helpers Chris Roberts and Alan Mustarde. Dot Johnstone organised the raffle and Colin MacLean was the usual steady hand on the helm. And thanks to three of the Loch Insh regulars for contributing the remarks below.

Dougie Eustace said :

"The weather wasn't perfect but nearly everybody seemed to fly on Saturday in the blustery conditions. Less carnage than you would think, too. Sunday had stronger winds but maybe a bit steadier. Only the brave and the foolish had a go (except for Alasdair Sutherland, who as usual had flight after flight). For me and a good few others, it was time to give up at lunch time on Sunday but a good weekend none the less."

Thanks for the 4 photographs from George Mungall


George Mungall said :

"Just adding a few more thanks to that of Dougie, well done to all the organisers and the happy smiling raffle ticket ladies (not an easy job). Those that rose early on the Saturday were rewarded with mirror smooth conditions (that would be Gary and me, staying with four small grandchildren means you have early rises)."

Bob Johnstone said :

"I think that on the Saturday everyone who wanted to fly, did. We had to wait a bit till it dried up, but that was no bad thing, as a lot of hot air needed to get expelled what with all us wafflers there. Sunday now, not many of us wanted to tempt fate, except as the man said, Alisdair Sutherland. Some twit told me it was perfect Northstar weather, well, not mine, I'm a fearty Rolling."