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Ten years ago, there were only a few isolated trees near the old airfield, but most club members have managed to fly into at least one of them. And between us, we have flown into most of the available trees.

That is Dan Green's model up a fir tree below, with Grant Darnley looking on. This tree is situated just where we turn onto base leg on a wide circuit in a south westerly!

Then there is the silage sludge pond. That beautiful-looking emerald green pond on the right is really evil and should be avoided at all costs. Only one club member has managed to land in it so far ...........

Since the above words were written, the old airfield has been surrounded by newly planted conifers, which have since grown big enough to be a real nuisance, mostly because of the turbulence when there is any wind at all. So, on top of the building plans, we have moved.

Aerial Hazards - something else to look out for

We do occasionally have some aerial visitors, after all, the north of Scotland is a low flying zone.

Buccaneers and Paramotors

If the first doesn't get you, watch out for the second one!

Yup !!! That's a paramotor

More Buccaneers, Hercules and Trees

That's a Buccaneer, probably from Lossiemouth

And that one is a Hercules